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The main purpose this listing is to provide information and photos of the privately owned railcars that are not available for charter. Some of them may be on display in museums or on railroad sidings. The private railcars are listed in alphabetical order by country name / railcar name to help you find them easily. If you know any of such railcars, we would definitely like include them in our listing. Click here to submit them. You can also try our search engine located below to make sure the private railcar has not already been added.

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USA - Black Hawk
Address: Main Street Station, Las Vegas, Non-Charter, Nevada USA. Tel.: Unknown Toll Free:
Black Hawk - born in 1903. Built by Pullman for Mr. Charles Elliott Perkins, President of CB & Q (year 1981). Perkin's travels with the Black Hawk included trips throughout the West and Midwest, but he also went east to Boston, south to Florida, and into Mexico. Today, Charles E. Perkin's Black Hawk is on display at the Main Street Station, Brewry, and Hotel in Las Vegas. It has coupled with a another car which is to be known as 'Colorado Midland' open platform car. So if you are in Las Vegas, don't miss an opportunity to see these restored private railroad cars. Pedestrians can peer in the windows from the sidewalk and get a good look ar a well-preserved luxury touring car.
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