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RAILcharter.com: A complete listing of private railcar tour operators in the USA, Canada, and the rest of the world. These tour operators use their own specially outfitted railcars that may be modern cars or beautifully restored historic equipment like classic domes. Many of these private railcars are available for charter, an excellent setting for almost any type of business or family function or just for a gathering of friends! A unique atmosphere that your guests will continue to remember & talk about for years to come!

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The listing of private railcars is divided into the following three major section. The first two sections (USA & CANADA, INTERNATIONAL) are for the listing of private railcars that are available for charter. The NON-CHARTER section is of informative nature since these railcars are not available for charter. Some are kept on display in museums for the historic preservation. Please select one of the following:

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 Travelling by private railcar is full of fun and excitement that will never be forgotten. Consider chartering a car for a special occasion such as a wedding, graduation, anniversary, birthday, retirement or other type of party. Private cars vary in how many people each can accomodate, but it usually varies between 4 and 40 guests. For larger parties, multiple cars or even an entire train can be chartered! Guests will be able to move freely from one car to the next even when the train is in motion.

 Some cars have large open lounge areas while others have several smaller sections with separate areas for sleeping, dining and sitting. Some have domes and others have open platforms at the rear of the train. You can select among a variety of cars depending on whether you are seeking a car for a large number of people on a short excursion or a smaller number people on an overnight excursion where sleeping accommodations will be needed. Many private cars have onboard gallies from which food can be prepared and served during your excursion.

 Generally, private cars are placed onto a regular passenger train (e.g. Amtrak, VIA) and travel part or all of the route of that train. Ocassionally, private railcars may also travel on 'freight' railroads and will offer a unique experience to see the rail routes not normally served by regular passenger trains. Inquire with a charter operator for further details.

 The cost to charter a private railcar varies widely depending on the number of guests, the length of the excursion, and the amount of services requested. The cost can sometimes be as low as renting a large suite in a hotel for a small gathering of friends, or can be quite a bit higher for a cross-country excursion that includes sleeping and dining accomodations.

 Many cars are available for entertaining either in motion or stationery. The charter cost is usually much less when you rent a private car and have your event right at the railroad yard. Larger parties can be accommodated by such an indoor / outdoor arrangement of your event. The railcar remains the centerpiece and sets the atmosphere of your event while your guests are able to freely wander between the indoor and outdoor aspects of your gathering. Catering can be provided either inside or outside of the railcar.

 Visit each of the web sites from our listing for more information about the features of each rail charter operation. These providers welcome your e-mail inquiries about availability and costs. Please mention TrainWeb when you call or send e-mail to any of the rail charter companies from the listing.

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